Sunday, November 22, 2009

Irish Car Bomb cupcakes!

Today was Gabriel's 25th birthday and last night we had a party to celebrate. Every year I make him a special cake. Two years ago it was a vanilla cake shaped like the weighted companion cube from the video game, Portal:
Last year, it was the peanut butter chocolate cake of death:
This year, Gabriel was just going to go with his default favourite, spice cake, but I sent him over to SmittenKitchen and he decided to go with . . .

Irish Car Bomb cupcakes!

If you're not familiar with the Irish Car Bomb, it's a drink that really mean college kids make their friends drink. You take a mixed shot of whiskey and Bailey's irish cream and drop it into a mostly full pint of Guiness. The poor soul whose lot this is, must chug the disgusting concoction as quickly as possible, before the cream curdles. Blech.

Luckily, these cupcakes were delicious. The cupcakes themselves are made from a Guiness chocolate cake batter. Then, the centers were hollowed out and filled with a whiskey chocolate ganache (think chocolate truffle, yum). Finally, the icing is a basic buttercream, flavoured with Bailey's. I was very pleased with how they turned out and they were a big hit with the crowd!

Original Source: Smitten Kitten - Chocolate Whiskey and Beer Cupcakes


  1. And the connection with cars is?