Monday, February 15, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie!

When I wrote about the new biscuit recipe, I mentioned that I would post the recipe I used it with - Chicken Pot Pie. Now I know this may look involved, but it's not. I just like to be thorough when writing things down. The recipe takes even less time if you're using leftover chicken instead of cooking fresh stuff. However, there is definitely something to be said for using the homemade chicken stock that results from the first part of the recipe. Anyway you look at it, this is definitely some good ol' homecooked comfort food. Perfect for this chilly time of year.

Oh, and you'll also notice the new downloadable PDF of the recipe, available for easy printing!

Chicken Pot Pie
Download PDF here

Ingredient List
chicken parts, whole (0.80 kg)
OR chicken breasts, boneless and skinless (0.35 kg)
carrots (2-3 whole)
celery (1-2 stalks)
chicken stock/broth (2 cups)
onion (1-2 medium)
bay leaves
butter (3 tbsp, divided)
AP flour (¼ cup)
half-and-half (¾ cup)
kosher salt
ground pepper
biscuit dough/pie shell/puff pastry
frozen peas (½ cup)
fresh parsley (optional)

If leftover chicken is not available, prepare the poached chicken recipe as follows. Otherwise, skip to the next step.

Poached Chicken
Cut 1 whole carrot and 1 celery stalk into 2-inch pieces. Quarter 1 medium onion. Place 0.8 kg chicken parts OR 0.35 kg chicken breasts in a Dutch oven or large pot. Add aromatics (carrot, celery, onion) and several bay leaves. Cover with 2 cups chicken stock/broth (preferably homemade or reduced salt) and enough water to cover the contents of the pot.

Bring pot to a simmer, and then reduce heat until the liquid doesn’t quite bubble. Partially cover, and cook for 25-30 minutes (chicken parts) or 8-12 minutes (chicken breasts), until the juices from the meat run clear.

Remove the meat and let it cool before separating and shredding. Strain the remaining liquid and set aside.

Creamed Chicken
Have on hand: 0.34 kg cooked chicken meat, separated and deboned.

Melt 2 tbsp butter in a large saucepan. Whisk in ¼ cup AP flour. Cook for 1 minute, whisking constantly, until the flour gives off a nutty aroma. Remove the pan from the heat and whisk in 1 cup chicken broth and ¾ cup half-and-half, until smooth.

Increase the heat and bring the mixture to a simmer, whisking constantly, and then cook for 1 minute. Stir in the cooked chicken and cook for another 1 minute.

Season, to taste, with kosher salt and ground pepper.

Chicken Pot Pie
Have on hand: creamed chicken, and biscuit dough/pie crust/puff pastry.

Preheat the oven to 400°F. Lightly grease a medium size casserole dish.

Chop 1 medium onion and dice 2 carrots and 1 celery stalk. Melt 1 tbsp butter in a large skillet and add vegetables. Cook vegetables, stirring often, for 5-10 minutes, until softened.

Stir the vegetables into the creamed chicken, along with ½ cup frozen peas and 1 tbsp fresh parsley, minced (optional).

Pour the mixture into the casserole dish and top with biscuits/pie crust/puff pastry.

Bake in upper half of the oven for 20-40 minutes, until the sauce is bubbling and the top is golden brown. Let sit for 10 minutes before serving.

Makes 4 servings.

This recipe is best with a mixture of white and dark meat, although all white meat can be used. Turkey also works well in the recipe.

Nutrition (per serving, with biscuit topping)
Calories 566
Total fat 29 g
Saturated fat 12 g
Cholesterol 118 mg
Sodium 923 mg
Carbohydrate 41 g
Dietary fibre 3 g
Sugars 6 g
Protein 34 g
Vitamin A 120%DV
Vitamin C 11 %DV
Calcium 11 %DV
Iron 21 %DV

Original Source: The Joy of Cooking - Chicken Pot Pie

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