Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good Eats is Good Television

Short post as I'm at work (obviously not working, but at work, semantics, really) and don't have any of my photos or recipes to use. I thought I'd share a link to a YouTube Channel that is actually carrying the most recent Good Eats episodes.

For those not familiar with Good Eats, the host, Alton Brown, once described it as a Mr.-Wizard-and-Monty-Python-meet-Julia-Child type of show. I find that it really delivers on the science and anthropology side of cooking. For me, it's not enough to know that doing something in such a way works, I want to know WHY it works. I also enjoy being able to drop little bits of information into casual dinner conversation (For example, did you know that the carrot was originally black (then yellow, red, etc.), but that the Dutch engineered it to be orange in honour of William I of Orange?).

I've learned a lot from this show and always look forward to new episodes. Unfortunately, they don't air in Canada (at least not in a timely fashion) and so I have to go without. No longer! Some thoughtful Youtuber, Adam Jon Peterson, has posted the last handful of episodes (in High-Def, no less) for our viewing pleasure.

My favourite episode of the new season is probably the one on Eggs Benedict (Little Big Lunch), where Alton shows how to prepare the parts of the dish separately for easy assembly later. Really bad for you but really, really . . .

*begin show intro*

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