Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chocolate Snowcaps

Last night I went to my curling club's Christmas potluck and I brought my famous Salsa Tortilla Bake and Chocolate Snowcap cookies. As I had hoped, they were a huge success and everyone was asking me for the recipes. "No problem," I said, "They're on my blog," thinking I could just direct them to Kitchen Fallout and they could peruse my recipes at their leisure.
But wait a minute! I've never shared my Chocolate Snowcap cookies with you! Bad me! They're a seasonal tradition for me, having first discovered the recipe when I was in elementary school in my very first cook book ever (knowing my mom, she still has it somewhere). I've been tweeking the recipe ever since (different amount of dough per cookie, more or less flour, etc) and I think it's just about near perfect, though my husband thinks it needs more peanut butter.

You be the judge.

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