Thursday, March 3, 2011

Clips show

Taking a page from some other blogs and TV shows I follow, I'm going to do a "clips show" today of all of the cakes I've decorated over the past couple of years. You can think of it as filler, if you like, but making something look pretty is just as important as making it taste amazing.

I got my skills from my mother . . . but that's a (much longer) post for another day. I usually use a generic buttercream icing to decorate cakes. If you're going to spend time icing the cake, you don't want to spend more time making the icing. I, like my mother before me, use Wilton's buttercream icing. Keep in mind that, when it says butter, it means salted butter. I tried it with unsalted and it was missing an entire layer of sweetness, IMHO. Besides, if it says you could also use margarine (please don't), then it's assuming a salt content already. I tint the icing with Wilton food colourings because they're paste-based and don't throw off the consistency of your icing (would love to track down some powder colourings, but no luck so far). And there really is no substitute for having the right tools. I have a cake-decorating lazy-Susan, all of the Wilton tips, an offset spatula, and bags of many sizes. Practice really does make perfect, so get at it! Anything you do will be better than that store bought crap, so people will love it no matter what!

Without further rambling, please enjoy a trip down cake decorating lane:

A weighted companion cube cake for Gabriel's 24th birthday

Paying homage to His noodly appendages. All hail FSM.

A snowman for little Erin's winter-themed birthday.

For Laura and Ryan's Halloween wedding (they married Oct. 31st, it was NOT a themed wedding)

Celebrating my 25th blood donation.