Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Frozen Steel-Cut Oats

What won't they think of next?

I suppose, once you know about it, it doesn't seem like that ingenious an idea, but I certainly didn't think about it before, so props to the first guy who did.

I've blogged about Overnight Steel-Cut Oats before, but the recipe was lacking the "day of" recipe (which can, admittedly, take up to 45 minutes, but that's what you get when you don't plan ahead). So it will have to be revisited and revised. Most likely in the future, when I'm not preparing to submit a Research Ethics proposal at work and dealing with the (lack of a) new kitchen at home.

I know I will be making many large batches of the stuff and freezing them in 1 cup portions . . . once I get my kitchen back.

Speaking of, the plumber/gas fitter is apparently in the house as we speak. That means that my kitchen is OFFICIALLY FINISHED!!! Now I have the difficult task of organizing where everything is going to go (I only have one set of double length drawers which really makes storage a bugger). After that, I have until Saturday/Sunday to get the rest of the house spotless AND bake a pineapple upside down cake in preparation for my father coming to visit for an early Father's Day celebration (I've entered us in a canoe race!). Fun times.

I will definitely be writing a post about my kitchen organization scheme once I'm done since a Google search for "kitchen cabinet organization" turned up next to nothing useful. And pictures. Lots of lovely pictures!

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